• Capacity: 4-6 people
  • Heating time: 2-4h
  • Internal heater
  • Weight: 260kg
  • External diameter: 2000mm
  • Plastic interior
  • Plastic colours:  blue, white, grey
  • Thermo treated wood
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The more the merrier – hot tub with diameter of 200cm fits perfectly for up to 6 persons.

If you’ve used a hot tub before, you know that it’s pleasant, relaxing and good for wellness.  Unfortunately cleaning your hot tub after usage is not one of these three.  Plastic internal makes hot tub cleaning a lot easier and extends the barrel’s life span.  Also, it makes sitting in the hot tub more comfortable and it needs less water and helps speed up the heating time.


  • The Hot tub itself
  • Wood fire heater (External)
  • Chimney heat guard
  • Wide bespoke matching steps
  • Full installation an delivery

Available accessories/upgrades for your new Hot Tub:

  • Led light system
  • High pressure bubble system
  • Insulated leather cover
  • Fibreglass cover
  • Sound system
  • Digital thermometer
  • Bottle holder

LED Lights

A fun way to set the mood and enjoy your relaxing background is to add the underwater LED lights to your hot tub!  Use them to help your guests guide their way in to the hot tub, or just for a colourful addition.  Our LED lights are specifically made for our hot tubs to allow you to get the maximum effect of illumination.

Air Bubble System

An air bubble system is the perfect upgrade if you are looking to get the maximum therapeutic benefits of your wooden hot tub.  It is a small air blower that will relax and soothe your muscles, as well as keep the water rotating and moving around your body.

Payment and Delivery

We accept cash, PayPal, Bank transfers.
50% deposit is required and the rest after delivery and installation.

Production time: 2 – 4 weeks.
Installation time: 1 – 2 work days.

More information

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